Get to Know the SEO Profession Deeply

Have you ever noticed that when we type in a word on a search engine several sites appear that are related to the keyword? Have you ever thought, why should some sites appear? Are there still millions of other sites in cyberspace? There is a way; there are actors behind it all. Only people who understand about SEO jobs (Search Engine Optimizer) are able to do it all. SEO experts are not magicians; they know how to index sites and algorithms.

Appearing on the first page of Google is the dream of all site owners, then why should the first page? Because the habit of people when they are looking for something through Google will definitely respond immediately to what’s in the first page. People are not willing to look up to page 20 or more for a desired site. For companies, being on the first page of a search engine is a must. Companies need consumer responses so that their products sell quickly, or the company only wants imaging.

The main SEO jobs are making sites on the first page of search engines. Well, how can it be the first page? SEO is tasked with optimizing a website to have a good reputation and is easily recognized by search engines like Google. There are many ways that an SEO expert can do to create a website or a site that is managed optimally on the first page of Google, such as installing a Meta tag code, always updating websites with quality content so that Google will crawl your website, disseminates website links with blog walking.

There are also fraudulent methods that are most often referred to as black hat, which is by forcibly spreading his website links to hundreds of other websites. Apart from the various methods used, obviously SEO jobs can only be done by skilled people. Not everyone can do this; companies need an expert to do SEO jobs well. Company sites must be worked on by SEO experts.

If the company website successfully appears on the first page that means the site is popular. Sites can compete with millions of scattered links, and search engines like Google prefer sites that are more popular rather than sites that are less well known in cyberspace. SEO jobs also include this problem; SEO experts can make the site more popular by increasing the score of authority.

SEO jobs are increasingly complex, because SEO is also responsible for statistical analysis of websites. SEO experts are responsible for traffic and the development of the number of visitors for the website. Companies have to pay dearly for this expertise, if you are an SEO expert; it’s time to offer yourself to professional companies.

The Main Function of Art Education for Children

The development of art lessons is always integrated with other fields of development. Among them integrate with physical development, integrated with the fields of cognitive, language, social, and emotional development. Parents should not underestimate art lessons at school, because art has a significant impact on the physical and mental condition of children. The right brain will develop in balance with the left side of the brain; even according to some studies children who take creative art education like music art lessons have a higher memory.

The main purpose of the development of creative art education in children in school is not to create small artists, but to provide a number of useful experiences to sharpen children’s sensitivity, and stimulate creative and imaginative ideas of children. Creative art education acts as a stimulus to maximize children’s potential.

Through art, a child will be trained to cultivate sensitivity to the environment and things related to beauty. Basically, the development of art in schools has several main functions, namely:

Function of expression: through creative art education, children have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings freely in the form of sound, appearance, movement and language or combination. The child’s expression does not appear by itself, but based on the results of daily observations on the surrounding environment or it is because of the results of their own exploration.

Function of creativity: The more varied the stimulus will develop neurons in the brain so that children become more creative in expressing their observations such as creating, modifying, and improving copyrighted works. The characteristics of creative children include courage to express their own understanding, solve their own problems, not be afraid to try, not be afraid of failure, not afraid of being scolded, creating music, motion, form, or art even though it is very simple and incomprehensible. They are able to tell things that are felt, seen, heard, kissed, touched, etc.

The function of developing talents: Actually, every child has a talent that is brought from birth; the talent of each child is different. If the teacher or person close to children directs their talents well, the child will have strong abilities in linguistic, mathematical, musical, visual and spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, etc. Talent is the gift of God; talent will emerge if it is well developed. Well, here is the function of creative art education. Creative arts education has been compiled based on the applicable curriculum in the school, the materials developed based on the stage of child development.

The conclusion is that the success of creative art education activities is not seen from the beauty of the work produced, but takes precedence in the creative process that gives freedom of expression in a fun way according to the characteristics and personality of each child.